If You Want to Be Happy, Take a Walk

Walking has not been part of my regular routine in the past. I took the occasional walks when I had the time. But given what seems like an always busy schedule, I had little time to go for a walk as much as I wanted to. Over the past months though, I have started to make slight changes in my routines to make room for this activity. The constant stress that dogged me prompted me to take stock of my daily activities and realized that my lifestyle need a little bit of improvement – especially on the health and wellness side. Taking a walk every day has since brought positive changes in my daily life.

Studies have been made about the benefits of walking abound. I have been reading a lot of articles on that subject lately. If I had any doubts about what science has proven to be true, which I don’t, it would have already been proven wrong. My experiences in walking convinced me that there is something good about the activity. I am one of those who believe that if you want to be happy, take a walk. Here’s why:

It improves my mood
– No matter how I feel before stepping out the door, I could not help but feel better as soon as I start my walk. The wind in my face, the very air itself, hits me and seems to shake me from the stupor of stress. I begin to enjoy the sights. I noticed that even the familiar sights in the routes I frequent never stay the same. There is always something new for me to see or experience. And that makes me happy.

It clears my mind – Walking helps me think more clearly. For reasons I cannot explain, I feel like my head just made room for a clean slate. Ideas that elude me while stuck on my work desk come when I least expect it. It also works the same way for me when I am dealing with problems which seem more solvable once I have set out on the road.

It gives me time for myself – Things can be overwhelming at time with so many things going on at any given day. Whether it is at home or with my work, there seems to be something urgent that requires my attention. These are on top of the things I have to juggle dealing with a lot of people on a daily basis. My solitary walks give me precious time away from it all even just for a little time. This leaves me refreshed and ready to face my usual routines again when I come back.

It helps me sleep better – My sleep routine improved since I started walking regularly. I have developed better habits that helped me overcome the insomnia I was suffering from for years. The lack of sleep has always left me tired and lethargic. I relied on energy bars and several cups of strong coffee a day to get by. Now, I still need my coffee fix but mostly for the pleasure it gives me.


Letting Your Creative Juice Flow After Walking


It’s one thing to walk around the park and make a challenger while letting yourself feel more active than usual, as well as refreshed especially from the hustle and bustle of your daily life. It’s another thing to walk around the garden and take a breather while letting yourself feel more creative than usual, as well as rejuvenated even from the calm and peace of your other life.

You see, walking is more than just a way to be more active than usual. You also see, walking is more than just a way to be refreshed from the hustle and bustle of your daily life. It’s a way to be more creative than usual. It’s also a way to be rejuvenated from the calm and peace of your other life. And it’s all because aside from keeping you healthy and fit physically, it also keeps you healthy and fit mentally.

Those being said, here are some ways to let your creative juice flow after walking:

Put everything you saw on a canvass.

It’s not every day that you get to see things around you in a different perspective. So, why not put everything you saw on a canvass and just let your creative juice flow like no other while you take in all those things you saw in your memory and soon – for others to take in all those things you saw as part of their memories, too? This will not only make your talent in painting even more known, but also for you to keep your mind active enough as you go through each day with every bit of wonderful memories you’ve had just by walking around the park.

Put everything you experienced on a woodblock.

It’s also not every day that you get to experience things around you in a new way. So, why not put everything you experienced on a woodblock and just let your creative juice flow like never before while you take in all those things you experienced in your history and soon – for others to take in all those things you experienced as part of their histories, too? This will not only make your skill in woodworking even more known, but also for you to keep your mind active enough as you go through each day with every bit of magnificent history you’ve had just by walking around the garden.

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4 Essential Tools You Need to Bring Every Time You Walk

Walking is a great exercise that will not only help you physically but mentally as well. Just like a handyman with his tools, you also need these to help you feel safer and enjoy the activity better!

  1. Phones + Earphones

These tools will make your walking routine more thrilling! You can follow the pace of your favorite song or simply download an app that has various songs categorized by type and tempo. The choice, however, still depends on you. You can still walk without listening to music, and that will allow you to appreciate the natural sounds around you especially if you’re in a peaceful environment. Nonetheless, you’ll still need to bring your phone for emergency or if you want to take pictures.

  1. Power bank / On-the-go phone charger

Power Bank 2600 mAhYou don’t have to carry a large one when walking, a power bank that will supply a 50% charge is good enough. After all, bringing a big one (3,000 mAh and above) is too heavy to carry. There are lightweight power banks available on the market which will be sufficient for emergencies, especially if you weren’t keeping track of time that your battery becomes too low because you’re listening to music.

  1. Flashlight

Some people walk at night because they don’t have time during the day. This is where this human-made source of light comes in handy. It’ll literally light up the path for you when everything becomes dim. It’s also convenient to carry one because your phone’s flashlight involves a few taps and clicks before it turns on and off, unlike a portable flashlight that has a straightforward mechanism.

  1. Swiss Army Knife

    Swiss Army Knife

This is for emergencies only when unfortunate moments take over by surprise. You’ll never know when you’ll come across a snatcher or a cruel-minded person, so this tool can save the day. Aside from that, this knife has other uses that can help you get out of a sticky wicket.


These tools aren’t only portable; they are also light and practical to bring! For more tools, visit http://healthyhandyman.com and feast your eyes on those powerful handyman gadgets!


5 Steps to Paint What You Saw from Your Walking Routine

Imagine walking around your community and you pass by bewitching or lovely scenes such as the setting of the sun, the gathering of birds by the river, an old couple eating ice cream while sitting on a park bench, or perhaps children running around and enjoying themselves by the bridge. Then you realize these events are so charming to see, you’d want to preserve them in your mind exactly how you saw it! However, it’s almost impossible to have a photographic memory unless you’re a trained mnemonist and merely taking pictures is so 2010. So how can you preserve what you saw from your walking routine? Here are the steps:

  1. Antal Berke's Street Scene PaintingTake a picture. What’s great about walking is you don’t have to rush, aside from it helping you stay fit in a cheap way, walking is also a form of relaxation. This is why it’s possible to bring a camera while you walk—they won’t be distracting or hitting your body once in a while. Once you see a beautiful scene, take a good picture (consider the lighting and angle). It’s also ideal to take lots of pictures so you can have numerous images to choose from later on.
  2. Print the photo. This step is self-explanatory.
  3. Take a good look at the photo. Be familiar with the picture you’ve taken. Observe everything—from the lines and colors to the lights and texture of the main subject and the other elements in the photo.
  4. Prepare your painting materials and start painting. This is why the third step is essential. You have to study the photo in order to create if not a 100% duplicate at least a 90% replica of the photo. Remember, painting properly will help you preserve a beautiful scene, so you have to do it carefully. When you paint, Van Gogh's Entrance to the Public Park in Arlesbegin with the lines and shapes. No matter how complicated the photo looks like, there will still be basic shapes there. Next, copy the lighting. What parts of the photo are dark? Where are the light ones? Where should you paint the shadows and reflections? After the lighting, concentrate on the textures. What part of the photo is smoother than the other? Of course, you’re not supposed to forget the color. You might need to mix a few paints to get the right amount of color in the picture, so take your time.
  5. Let your painting dry! Once it’s dry, not only will you appreciate your painting but the act of walking as well. When you paint what you saw, you’ll become more observant with your surroundings while becoming healthier! It’s a win-win!

Check out the paintings in this link.


Reasons To Walk More Often


Contrary to popular belief, walking is more than just something people do effortlessly.

Walking is not just limited to improving one’s physical condition. Walking also improves one’s mental condition.

The health benefits of walking are truly amazing. Walking is not just meant to keep your body conditioned enough to perform tasks more than usual without any trouble, but also helps keep your mind active enough to perform tasks more than usual and without any trouble. It also helps focus your mind, no matter what you’re currently doing. It even helps inspire your mind, no matter what you’re currently thinking. Moreover, it helps encourage your mind, no matter what you’re currently facing.

Walking is also not just a great way to reconnect with nature. Walking is also a great way to reconnect with yourself.

The benefits of walking don’t stop with one’s overall health condition. Walking is not only a great way to reconnect with nature as the cool wind blows on your face and the warm sun shines on your body, but also a great way to reconnect with yourself as you find yourself calmer as the cool wind blows on your face and feel yourself brighter as the warm sun shines on your body. You will not only realize how wonderful Mother Nature truly is, but also realize how wonderful you truly are. You will also not only see what nature has to offer, but also experience what nature has in store for you.

Walking is not even just about roaming around the place. Walking is even about fully experiencing the place.

The benefits of walking continue to make one’s life better as you do not only get to roam around the place you’re at, but also get to fully experience the place you’re at. You can go birdwatching after an hour of walking with a *spotting scope. You can also walk your dog around the place. You can even sing while walking your dog around the place. Regardless, you can always count on something else to zing things up – making you fully experience the place you’re at.

*If you’re planning to go birdwatching, here are some of the best spotting scope picks in 2017 to help you see birds up close even more – as they fly up spontaneously or as they fly down gracefully.

Do you know any other reasons to walk more often? Let us know in the comments section below!


Fun Activities You Can Do While Strolling In A Park


Strolling in a park can be quite daunting for most people, especially for those who are looking to get more active. Strolling in a park with a fun activity, however, can be quite delighting, even for those who are just passing by.

Here are some fun activities you can do while strolling in a park:

Flying A Kite

Who said only broods can fly a kite? Even if you’re a grown-up, you can still fly a kite while strolling in a park. This will not only make you remember how it’s like to be youthful, but also helps you see things in a different perspective and experience things in a new way. The cool wind always blowing on your face; it can also make a kite fly up there. The warm sun always shining on your body; it can make also make a kite shine up there.


While other parks are only filled with blooms and bushes, some parks are filled with birds and other wild animals. There are also parks that allow you to see more of the wildlife, as well as allow you to experience more of the wildlife – all the while using a spotting scope for birding & hunting. This will not only make you realize how incredible wild animals can truly be, but also make you understand the real importance of protecting wild animals from extinction.

Walking A Dog

Strolling in a park with a dog can be more of a routine than a fun activity. But you know what? The time you’ll get to spend with your bestfriend will always be unrivaled. The time your bestfriend get to spend with you will always be unparalleled. It will not only make you and your pet’s bond stronger than ever, but also make you and your pet’s health stronger than ever – not just in the physical aspect, but also in the mental aspect and emotional aspect of your lives.


Strolling in the park can be quite delighting, even for those who are just passing by. All one needs is to be spontaneous enough to mix other activities with it, a fun one or even an adventurous one, as well as to be open-minded enough to see things in a different perspective and experience things in a new way.

Do you have any other tips and ideas when strolling in a park? Let us know in the comments section below!


Surprising Benefits of Walking

I know it’s cool to ride in a Ferrari or Lamborghini. But to me, it’s way more cool to walk than to ride a car.

First of all, it’s very good to your health. It’s a very simple exercise to do yet many people avoid doing this. It is very effective to your overall health when done frequently.

To help you understand why you should walk daily, here are some of the surprising benefits of walking!

Fights Heart Disease

Walking is a great cardio exercise. It helps strengthens the heart. Having a stronger heart can help avoid the risk of heart diseases and stroke. Very good for your body’s circulation.

Makes you happy

Whenever your sad or stress, go and take a walk! Research have shown that walking helps fight depression. It helps release endorphins or the “feel-good” chemicals which help to reduce anxiety and stress.

Don’t forget about the runner’s high!

Help lose weight

Weight Loss
Magic! No Stretch Marks!

Walking helps you lose weight as much as when you are running or doing other activities that require physical strength. If you’re not into running, then try walking! It’s easier and it requires less energy to do.

Builds and Strengthen Muscles

Aside from losing fats, walking also helps build muscle. It’ll help you strengthen the lower part of your body. This includes the leg, thigh, and even your bum. Having a good posture while walking might help you lose some belly fats and tone waist too!

Enjoy the Sights

Beach Walk
Try Driving Your Car There And Reenact This.

Can you drive your Lambo down the coast to see the sunset? Possible, but good luck on that.

Walking down your favorite sights make the journey more enjoyable than blazing through it inside a car. What can be more romantic that holding hands with your loved one while watching the sunset.


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Hope this helps. Thanks a lot for reading. Bye!


Keeping it Fun – A Beginner’s Take on Walking

I’m still a beginner at walking compared with some of the people I know who’ve been doing it for years. When I was still trying to make it a daily part of my routine, I realized that it wasn’t easy as I initially thought it would be. Finding the motivation to do it every single day, even when I’m not in a mood for it, was a constant challenge in the beginning. But as I kept at it, I learned that building my walking habit didn’t have to be a serious life-altering event. I just had to keep my daily walks as fun as it can get to make me want to do it again the next day.

No-frills start

My first walking adventures were fairly short and slow. I carved out 30 minutes of my time for it from my daily schedule. I had to make a small adjustment by waking up about 15 minutes than usual because I prefer to do my walks in the morning. Fifteen minutes was a reasonable chunk of time for me. Not too much to disrupt my habits in a big way, which made it easier for me to stick with. My 30-minute walk was also more of a pleasurable stroll rather than a serious activity. I set no goals other than to spend the time I allotted for the walk.

Enjoyable route

I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed my walks in the beginning if I picked difficult routes. Luckily, there were many paved footpaths near where I live. There was also a big park roughly 10 minutes away from my place. This gave me plenty of routes to choose from when I was just starting out. The well-maintained roads and tracks made for easy walking. There were a lot of trees along the way. It’s a pleasant route that I look forward to every day.

Comfortable shoes and clothes

Walking is one of the most inexpensive ways to exercise. There’s really nothing much you need to do it. There’s always a road or a path to follow, which you can do for free. A good pair of walking shoes, however, can bring you farther more comfortably. I was happy to find a nice pair that didn’t cost me much. As I went for more walks, I also realized the importance of wearing the right clothes. Too much covering on a humid morning leaves me sweaty and not so happy with my walks. A nice water-resistant windbreaker proved handy when I got caught in sudden drizzles as I take a walk.


Walking in Ouse Valley Way – The First Time is Just the Beginning


The 150-mile path that makes up the Ouse Valley Way has long been in list of things to explore. The meandering route follows the River Great Ouse and offers scenic views. I could just imagine the scenery that awaits me.

My first visit to a section of the footpath made me want to go back again. I first explored the area near Houghton Mill, which is an 18th century building that stands in the midst of picturesque scenery. I have seen my fair share of old structures. But seeing the mill was still an awe-inspiring experience for me. There was nothing spectacular about it. It was an ordinary mill with a huge water wheel near it. But knowing that it has been there for hundreds of years made me think about how it would have played a role in people’s lives in the past.

I had a pleasant time walking along the Thicket Path. The footpath was wider and there were a lot of activity with many people out walking, some with their furry friends in tow. Taking this path in the midst of the woods was enjoyable despite the foot and bicycle traffic. I followed the route which led me to St Ives where I took a brief rest along the waterfront.

From St Ives, I set out towards Meadow Lane. Here I had to pass through some parts of the road where there were puddles of water. Certain parts were not also paved so I expect it to be a big muddy when it rains. But I was fine with it. It reminded me of why I set out for a walk in the first place. Dirt tracks and rough trails are part of the nature walks I am looking forward to.

The walk along Meadow Lane led me to the river. I followed the course for a while and headed towards Holywell Front.

My solitary walk on a Sunday morning was a pleasant discovery of sorts. I was initially worried of setting off alone in an unfamiliar area. Surprisingly, it turned out to be more fun than I expected. Certain sections of the footpath were also busy. I came across several people out for a walk as well as cyclists whizzing past me while I was traversing Thicket Path. Some parts of the walk was quieter with only a handful of strollers around.

A walk in the woods and meadows has always been a relaxing experience for me. With a footpath that stretches to 150 miles, the Ouse Valley Way beckons and waits.


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