Month: March 2016

Walking in Ouse Valley Way – The First Time is Just the Beginning


The 150-mile path that makes up the Ouse Valley Way has long been in list of things to explore. The meandering route follows the River Great Ouse and offers scenic views. I could just imagine the scenery that awaits me.

My first visit to a section of the footpath made me want to go back again. I first explored the area near Houghton Mill, which is an 18th century building that stands in the midst of picturesque scenery. I have seen my fair share of old structures. But seeing the mill was still an awe-inspiring experience for me. There was nothing spectacular about it. It was an ordinary mill with a huge water wheel near it. But knowing that it has been there for hundreds of years made me think about how it would have played a role in people’s lives in the past.

I had a pleasant time walking along the Thicket Path. The footpath was wider and there were a lot of activity with many people out walking, some with their furry friends in tow. Taking this path in the midst of the woods was enjoyable despite the foot and bicycle traffic. I followed the route which led me to St Ives where I took a brief rest along the waterfront.

From St Ives, I set out towards Meadow Lane. Here I had to pass through some parts of the road where there were puddles of water. Certain parts were not also paved so I expect it to be a big muddy when it rains. But I was fine with it. It reminded me of why I set out for a walk in the first place. Dirt tracks and rough trails are part of the nature walks I am looking forward to.

The walk along Meadow Lane led me to the river. I followed the course for a while and headed towards Holywell Front.

My solitary walk on a Sunday morning was a pleasant discovery of sorts. I was initially worried of setting off alone in an unfamiliar area. Surprisingly, it turned out to be more fun than I expected. Certain sections of the footpath were also busy. I came across several people out for a walk as well as cyclists whizzing past me while I was traversing Thicket Path. Some parts of the walk was quieter with only a handful of strollers around.

A walk in the woods and meadows has always been a relaxing experience for me. With a footpath that stretches to 150 miles, the Ouse Valley Way beckons and waits.


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