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The “Exercise” Thing in Archery

Let’s get moving. Up for the beat! What is that? Yeah, we are dancing.

Get up. Trod the pleasant winding road in the woods! What is that? Yeah, you are right! We are walking!

Keep your stance. Draw the bow, keep steady, focus, aim to shoot! What is that? Bravo! You got it right! We are doing archery! 

archery arrow

This is fun. As we set up our routine for an exercise, kindly extend your index finger on this and check the bowjudge crossbow guide to get started.

Now, at the moment, let’s talk about the physical fitness benefits we get of archery. Archery demands physicality and concentration.The more you participate in archery the more  your back, pectoral and arm muscles developed. Your muscles get stronger than ever. Engaging yourself in this sport enhances your endurance.

What could be the best work out for archers? Would it be jogging? running perhaps? Or just take the most convincing routine – walking! Yes, this is what competitive archers do during a full day tournament. They walk while making the heavy draw of archery bows of different weights. But, you have to know your level of strength first before lifting all ranges of weights. But, you will get used to it through continued practice and training.

You may not end up becoming a skilled archer in the Olympics, but well, at least you have given yourself the best exercise that your mind and body can benefit.

walking in archery

Doing the sport is best for upper body strength. Your coordination, balance, stance and focus are highly developed. Archery is ideal in developing your arm strength. It can do good at increasing the flexibility of your hands and fingers.

As you can see, archery is one of the best sports in the world and  one of the best forms of exercise. Name the strength and physical development you wish to have and you would gain it through archery. Now, stop! Pause for a moment and think about it. That’s good! You are just keeping yourself away from distractions. This is one skill that you can have when doing archery. It’s the mind thing. Focus.

Archery: a physical exercise for a healthy mind and for a  fit body.


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