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4 Essential Tools You Need to Bring Every Time You Walk

Walking is a great exercise that will not only help you physically but mentally as well. Just like a handyman with his tools, you also need these to help you feel safer and enjoy the activity better!

  1. Phones + Earphones

These tools will make your walking routine more thrilling! You can follow the pace of your favorite song or simply download an app that has various songs categorized by type and tempo. The choice, however, still depends on you. You can still walk without listening to music, and that will allow you to appreciate the natural sounds around you especially if you’re in a peaceful environment. Nonetheless, you’ll still need to bring your phone for emergency or if you want to take pictures.

  1. Power bank / On-the-go phone charger

Power Bank 2600 mAhYou don’t have to carry a large one when walking, a power bank that will supply a 50% charge is good enough. After all, bringing a big one (3,000 mAh and above) is too heavy to carry. There are lightweight power banks available on the market which will be sufficient for emergencies, especially if you weren’t keeping track of time that your battery becomes too low because you’re listening to music.

  1. Flashlight

Some people walk at night because they don’t have time during the day. This is where this human-made source of light comes in handy. It’ll literally light up the path for you when everything becomes dim. It’s also convenient to carry one because your phone’s flashlight involves a few taps and clicks before it turns on and off, unlike a portable flashlight that has a straightforward mechanism.

  1. Swiss Army Knife

    Swiss Army Knife

This is for emergencies only when unfortunate moments take over by surprise. You’ll never know when you’ll come across a snatcher or a cruel-minded person, so this tool can save the day. Aside from that, this knife has other uses that can help you get out of a sticky wicket.


These tools aren’t only portable; they are also light and practical to bring! For more tools, visit and feast your eyes on those powerful handyman gadgets!


Keeping it Fun – A Beginner’s Take on Walking

I’m still a beginner at walking compared with some of the people I know who’ve been doing it for years. When I was still trying to make it a daily part of my routine, I realized that it wasn’t easy as I initially thought it would be. Finding the motivation to do it every single day, even when I’m not in a mood for it, was a constant challenge in the beginning. But as I kept at it, I learned that building my walking habit didn’t have to be a serious life-altering event. I just had to keep my daily walks as fun as it can get to make me want to do it again the next day.

No-frills start

My first walking adventures were fairly short and slow. I carved out 30 minutes of my time for it from my daily schedule. I had to make a small adjustment by waking up about 15 minutes than usual because I prefer to do my walks in the morning. Fifteen minutes was a reasonable chunk of time for me. Not too much to disrupt my habits in a big way, which made it easier for me to stick with. My 30-minute walk was also more of a pleasurable stroll rather than a serious activity. I set no goals other than to spend the time I allotted for the walk.


Enjoyable route

I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed my walks in the beginning if I picked difficult routes. Luckily, there were many paved footpaths near where I live. There was also a big park roughly 10 minutes away from my place. This gave me plenty of routes to choose from when I was just starting out. The well-maintained roads and tracks made for easy walking. There were a lot of trees along the way. It’s a pleasant route that I look forward to every day.


Comfortable shoes and clothes

Walking is one of the most inexpensive ways to exercise. There’s really nothing much you need to do it. There’s always a road or a path to follow, which you can do for free. A good pair of walking shoes, however, can bring you farther more comfortably. I was happy to find a nice pair that didn’t cost me much. As I went for more walks, I also realized the importance of wearing the right clothes. Too much covering on a humid morning leaves me sweaty and not so happy with my walks. A nice water-resistant windbreaker proved handy when I got caught in sudden drizzles as I take a walk.


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