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7 Great Reasons Why City Walking is the Best

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If you live in the city and spend most of your time driving to get around, then you are missing out on the fun and perks of walking. With the growing number of walkable cities from around the world, taking a stroll can be a delightful and enriching experience. Not to mention the many discoveries you can find or inadvertently stumble upon as you set out and let your feet take you to familiar and unfamiliar places. Whether at home or in places you visit on your travels, here are some of the great reasons why city walking is the best.

1. It boosts your mood. Many studies have been made on the beneficial effects of walking. And results suggest that taking a walk even for a few minutes can lift a person’s mood. You can take a stroll anywhere and improve your mood in the process. So just imagine if you make it a habit to take more walks every day. You can be a lot happier.

2. It is a cheap way to keep fit and take care of your health. Walking is one of the cheapest ways to get your daily dose of exercise. All you need is the right pair of shoes, socks, and your walking wear and you are set to go. There are many roads, streets, alleys, trails, and footpaths to explore — and most of them you can access any time you want. A study on people over 60 indicate that at least 15 minutes of walking every day can reduce risk of death by more than 20%

3. It promotes a sense of community. Taking a stroll around your neighborhood provides a great opportunity to meet and get to know the people living in your community. It provides opportunities for conversations that can help you learn a lot about the people who live around you. Some communities even have groups for various activities like hiking and walking that you can join.

4. It unleashes creativity. Feeling uninspired? Take a walk. You might be surprised with the flow of ideas it can unleash. Or at the very least, you can use the time to soothe your mind and simply enjoy not thinking. You will feel more refreshed when you come back to whatever you are working on.

5. It helps you manage your weight. Want to maintain a healthy weight? Need to lose a few extra pounds? Carve out at least 30 minutes of your time each day for walking. It will not only help you keep your weight in a healthy range. You will likewise enjoy the many other perks that come with the activity.

6. It offers a more intimate look of the city. Walking allows you to explore the city. Whether it is where you live or just passing through on a visit. You get a look and feel of the place from up close. You can walk in the backstreets and find things you will not likely see when you do not take the time to venture out on foot.

7. Because you can. Perhaps the simplest, and most compelling, reason would be to walk because you can. If you are lucky enough to be able to walk on your two feet, you will find that walking offers you plenty of amazing things to experience.

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