Surprising Benefits of Walking


I know it’s cool to ride in a Ferrari or Lamborghini. But to me, it’s way more cool to walk than to ride a car.

First of all, it’s very good to your health. It’s a very simple exercise to do yet many people avoid doing this. It is very effective to your overall health when done frequently.

To help you understand why you should walk daily, here are some of the surprising benefits of walking!

Fights Heart Disease

Walking is a great cardio exercise. It helps strengthens the heart. Having a stronger heart can help avoid the risk of heart diseases and stroke. Very good for your body’s circulation.

Makes you happy

Whenever your sad or stress, go and take a walk! Research have shown that walking helps fight depression. It helps release endorphins or the “feel-good” chemicals which help to reduce anxiety and stress.

Don’t forget about the runner’s high!

Help lose weight

Weight Loss
Magic! No Stretch Marks!

Walking helps you lose weight as much as when you are running or doing other activities that require physical strength. If you’re not into running, then try walking! It’s easier and it requires less energy to do.

Builds and Strengthen Muscles

Aside from losing fats, walking also helps build muscle. It’ll help you strengthen the lower part of your body. This includes the leg, thigh, and even your bum. Having a good posture while walking might help you lose some belly fats and tone waist too!

Enjoy the Sights

Beach Walk
Try Driving Your Car There And Reenact This.

Can you drive your Lambo down the coast to see the sunset? Possible, but good luck on that.

Walking down your favorite sights make the journey more enjoyable than blazing through it inside a car. What can be more romantic that holding hands with your loved one while watching the sunset.


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Hope this helps. Thanks a lot for reading. Bye!

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